Following the successful launch of the 2007 Microsoft Office system in the Philippines, Microsoft and Perceptions sought to maintain the momentum by implementing a publicity campaign showcasing a talented pool of users who have benefited from the new Office software. The idea was to showcase how Microsoft Office enhances the digital work style and lifestyle through the eyes of actual users.

The PR team believed that gathering strong third-party endorsement would be effective in promoting the new 2007 Microsoft Office system to general consumers. More than Microsoft talking about its products, readers will be able to relate more to actual users who have tried and tested the technology. Composed of a lawyer/author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, visually-impaired software developer, the Microsoft Office Icons served as examples of how one can maximize the uses of ICT in their lives. Feature stories on the icons were widely picked-up. The campaign appealed to the media because the stories had great human interest angles, which are both inspirational and encouraging. Perceptions organized a series of small media lunches with the icons to allow the journalists to get a closer look of 2007 Office through product demonstrations by a Microsoft product manager to support the statements of the icons.

The campaign was an effective way of getting Microsoft stories beyond the IT pages and onto the lifestyle pages of dailies. Each icon was matched to the 2007 Office application that they utilize the most in their specific fields, highlighting how the different enhanced capabilities and features of 2007 Office empowers them and allows them to empower and inspire others to be the best in their personal and professional lives. Beyond product demonstrations and media briefings, the Microsoft Office Icons were able to successfully articulate how the new Microsoft Office system genuinely created a significant impact in their way of life.