Public Relations

Perceptions offers a whole range of PR and corporate communications services including:

  • PR Counseling / Planning:
    Counseling on all aspects of public relations to assist clients in avoiding or overcoming problems and exploiting opportunities to the fullest; reviewing and analyzing a client's current PR status; developing client corporate PR objectives and preparing an over-all PR plan and managing its implementation.
  • Press Relations:
    Providing publicity for client's products, services and corporate activities through: press releases, feature articles, special supplements, interviews and press conferences; monitoring press coverage and responding quickly to any inaccurate or false media reports.
  • Marketing Communications:
    Providing support to client's marketing efforts, including: product and service publicity and advertising, advocacy projects relevant to product, corporate and product literature, trade exhibits, etc.
  • Government Relations:
    Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on legislative or regulatory initiatives; liaison with appropriate government officials and their staff; and assisting in the preparation of proposals and position papers.
  • Industry Relations:
    Advising and assisting client in its relations with other members of the business community and the particular industry to which it belongs.
  • Community Relations:
    Advising on contributions policy and program and creating and implementing local community public relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects.
  • Editorial Services:
    Writing and editing of all kinds of communications materials, including press releases, articles, fact sheets, executive speeches, position papers, advertising copy, radio or TV scripts, corporate or personal profiles, etc.
  • Graphic Design Services:
    Design and production of logos and trademarks including registration and copyright protection; illustrations for and layouts of brochures, magazines, books and other publications; caricatures, cartoons, etc.
  • Advertising:
    Conceptualization, writing, design, production, and placement of corporate and institutional print, radio, TV and web advertisements for clients.
  • Publications:
    Conceptualization, writing, design and production of various corporate and product literature such as brochures, annual and interim reports, product catalogs, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, employee newspapers and magazines, newsletters, books, trade directories, etc.
  • Special Events Management:
    Organizing and handling of all aspects from planning to summary reports of conferences, conventions, product launches, seminars, inaugurations, anniversaries, trade fair exhibits, open house and plant tours, school and mall tours, VIP visits, concerts, radio and TV shows and round-tables, sports competitions, etc.
  • Audio-visual Presentations:
    Conceptualization, writing, design and production of powerpoint and slide presentations, videos, films, viral videos and other forms of audio-visual materials.
  • Mailing Lists:
    Developing and maintaining mailing lists of key publics (press, government, customer, industries) for clients either on continuing or on special order basis.
  • Clipping Services:
    Monitoring pick-up of client's releases, all mentions of or references to client, and write-ups pertaining to client's business or areas of involvement appearing in newspapers and magazines, radio, TV and Internet media, and providing clients with copies of these clippings.
  • Media Training:
    Perceptions´ Media Training service is comparable to those offered by international and regional PR agencies in other markets. The team’s exposure to the global PR industry, more than 20 years experience in dealing with Philippine media, in-depth research are combined with close coordination with the in-house PR staff of clients to present world-class, localized and, more importantly, individually-tailored media training modules that ensure a relevant and useful experience for each participant.
  • Training / Staff Development:
    Helping clients in training their officers and employees on basic PR, especially customer relations, and in developing their communications skills; establishing an internal PR department.
  • International Services:
    Providing a full range of public relations services in the key regional and international business centers through Perceptions' network of associated PR firms in Hong Kong and New York and PR professionals in many major cities in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Research and Data Gathering/Briefing:
    Gathering and analyzing of economic, political, social and other relevant information for clients and presentation of these either verbally, in writing or through special briefings.
  • Public Opinion Surveys:
    Advising and assisting clients in undertaking public opinion surveys among its publics and in analyzing and making maximum use of the results.